These days there is no longer a need to have even the merest hint of metal in your smile! We treat lots of patients with white dental fillings in Liverpool every month.

For some of them, the first cavity they ever have is filled with a white filling. Other Liverpool patients who had fillings years ago, when metal was the only option, choose to have those removed with new, tooth-coloured composite fillings in our Liverpool surgery.

Composite fillings Liverpool

Lots of people have composite fillings in Liverpool without even knowing that is what they are called.

A composite filling is simply another name for a tooth-coloured or white dental filling. Our Liverpool dentists have spent lots of time in recent years replacing metal fillings with these new, better looking alternatives.

White fillings are made up of a composite mixture (hence the name) of plastic and glass. They are incredibly hard wearing, very safe and practically undetectable to anyone, in the day to day course of life.

When you laugh or talk, nobody will know you have fillings – not like years ago when every bit of metal was visible if you opened your mouth too wide!

Who gets white dental fillings Liverpool?

When it comes to white dental fillings, our Liverpool dentists would recommend them every time. Certainly if we discover during your check up that you have a cavity, this is the treatment that we will recommend to rebuild your tooth and protect against decay.

Equally, if an old metal filling comes out, it’s a great idea to replace it with a white filling at our Liverpool surgery.

Some people choose to replace old fillings with white ones simply because they don’t like the idea of having metal in the body, while others don’t like the way that their old fillings look, or simply want to refresh their mouth if they feel fillings have been in for a long time and might be wearing.

Booking white dental fillings in Liverpool

As with all of the treatments we offer, your road to getting white dental fillings begins with an initial consultation appointment.

We’ll check your teeth and make sure that we feel this is the right treatment option for you. If it is, we’ll go ahead and schedule it. You can get in touch to make your consultation appointment today.