Pregnancy is a time of many bodily changes, which is why effective pregnancy dental care is so important. With the wide variety of hormonal changes happening throughout your body, you need to consider the effects they can have on your teeth and mouth to make sure you’re looking after them as well as possible. Booking frequent dental checks through your pregnancy will give you the chance to ensure any issues that come along can be dealt with quickly before they severely affect you.

Keeping on top of your pregnancy dental care

During pregnancy your hormones are subject to significant change, and can often affect your oral health in a variety of ways. Many pregnant women have noticed a variety of unpleasant effects that their pregnancy has had on their oral health, which is why it’s important to remember your pregnancy dental care. Pregnancy can cause a series of dental issues, including:

Inflamed Gums

Many women experience red, inflamed and sometimes bleeding gums through their pregnancy, which are results of ‘pregnancy gingivitis’. This can start as early on in your pregnancy as the second month and, although it can be easily solved, it’s very painful for many people suffering from it.

Peridontal Disease

Since progesterone can be around 10 times higher during pregnancy, it can lead to many complications with your body’s response to simple issues. For example, many have found that the body reacts differently to plaque build up through pregnancy, which means you can become more susceptible to developing peridontal disease.

Pregnancy Granuloma

Some women have experienced a growth appearing on their gums – a pregnancy granuloma – which usually takes the form of red nodules that are found in the upper gums. This can be uncomfortable as they can rub against your upper lip.

Other Symptoms

As well as these typical dental issues that many women encounter throughout their pregnancy, there is also the chance of tooth erosion from severe morning sickness. Many women also complain of a dry mouth through their pregnancy, but this can be easily solved with plenty of water and sugarless sweets that will stimulate saliva flow.

Don’t neglect pregnancy dental care, visit Fiveways Dental

While pregnancy is the most beautiful natural event, it can cause havoc on many women’s bodies in many ways. To ensure that it causes the least damage possible to your oral health, make sure you book regular appointments with your dentist to check on your teeth and gums. We’re always available to help to look after any pregnant patients, so if you’re looking for a reliable pregnancy dentist that can help with dental care in this important time in your life, get in touch with our team on 0151 837 0800.