We’re Not Just Experts With Teeth You Know!

Snoring doesn’t benefit anyone and that’s why treatment for snoring is available at your local dental practice in Liverpool.

If you have to listen to your partner snore it’s no fun and can leave you feeling tired all day by keeping you awake all night.

If you are the partner that snores, it’s no fun to know that you are disturbing your loved one as a result of something that happens through no fault of your own.

Why Turn to a Liverpool Cosmetic Dentist for Treatment for Snoring

You may not immediately think to turn to your dentist when seeking treatment for snoring but, in fact, the person who specialises in all things to do with the mouth and throat is the perfect individual to approach with this problem.

Nobody has spent more time than your dentist learning everything there is to know about what goes on in that area of the body and nobody is better placed to help you address breathing difficulties during sleep.

Why Do We Snore?

People who suffer from breathing difficulties and sleep apnoea, which lead to snoring, do so because their airway is being partially closed off during sleep, due to the way their lower jaw falls.

If you can prevent your lower jaw from dropping back and closing off the airway during sleep you can prevent snoring – treatment for snoring is as simple as that and Fiveways Dental Liverpool cosmetic dentist can help.

How Can My Dental Practice in Liverpool Help Me To Stop Snoring?

Our treatment for snoring consists of creating a custom made oral device (mouthpiece).

We take a mould of your teeth, to ensure that the device will fit you perfectly and we then create a personal mouthpiece out of hard wearing plastic.

This comfortable to wear device can then be popped into your mouth at bedtime to hold your jaw in a slightly forward position as you sleep.

By holding the jaw in that position your airway will remain unimpeded and the air flow can continue to be as smooth and, most importantly, as silent as it is during the daytime!

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Believe us, after just a few nights of using this device you’ll be left wondering why it took you this long to find out about it.
So if your sleep, or your partner’s sleep, is being interrupted by your snoring contact Fiveways Dental Practice in Liverpool to find an easy, non invasive and drug free solution.