There are two different kinds of tooth whitening Liverpool patients can receive from us here at Fiveways Dental. If you’re feeling self-conscious about the colour of your teeth and want to add a little sparkle to your smile, then perhaps one of them could be the solution for you.

What it is and how it works

We only grow one set of adult teeth in our lives and they go through a lot. If you smoke, drink red wine, eat rich foods or even, in some cases, take certain medications, the colour of your teeth can be affected. Many people who come to us to have their teeth whitened simply began, over time, to notice that their smile was no longer as bright as it once used to be. Once you notice this, it’s easy to feel self-conscious, stop yourself from showing your teeth when you smile, or try to avoid photographs.

If you recognise yourself in those statements, you can opt to have tooth whitening. Our patients can see the results they’ve been hoping for within a matter of hours with these safe, non-invasive procedures.


Why two kinds of tooth whitening?

It’s simple. We offer two different methods of teeth whitening in order to cater to all budgets. You can receive a super powered whitening in the dental chair right away, if you have an event coming up as soon as tomorrow and you have no time to wait.

If you’d prefer to save a few pounds and you have no pressing need to see results sooner than a few weeks, you could opt to try our home whitening kit. It’s cheaper and still works wonderfully, but results are not quite so immediate.


Our teeth whitening procedures explained

Power whitening, administered in the dental chair, sees a gel applied to your teeth under a protective barrier. A lamp is then used to activate the bleaching process and results can be seen from as little as one hour after the procedure!

This treatment is particularly popular with graduating students and brides and grooms to be at this time of year!

Home whitening works in a similar way to power whitening but you administer the treatment yourself at home. We custom make a mouth tray to fit over your teeth, then you put whitening gel in the tray and wear it, either over night or for a few hours each day. Home whitening is a lower cost option because it takes a couple of weeks to begin seeing the results.


Tooth Whitening Liverpool Service

tooth whitening before and after

Results can vary, when it comes to tooth whitening. Liverpool dentists perform these treatments very regularly and the vast majority of patients are thrilled with the results – you only need look at our before and after pictures to see what a difference it makes. It’s worth keeping in mind, however, that results can vary depending on the colour that the teeth where to begin and on the nature of the stain.

If you’re interested in our tooth whitening Liverpool service, book a consultation with one of our dentists. We’ll be happy to discuss both options with you and let you know what kind of results you can expect.