Tooth decay is a problem faced by many and a problem that dentists see regularly. Tooth decay in children is particularly problematic as their baby teeth lay the foundations for their adult teeth. Tooth decay in children is also more common given all the sweet treats that they are prone to eat. It is important to give children the correct education on on how to keep teeth clean and which foods are harmful to their young teeth in order to avoid tooth decay.


What is Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is the build-up of plaque on the tooth which eventually leads to its decline with cavities, gum disease or dental abscesses. Tooth decay is usually accompanied by symptoms which are often painful and unpleasant such as:


Treating Tooth Decay in Children

A question asked by many is do you offer tooth decay treatment or are there cures for tooth decay? The simple answer which we referred to earlier is avoidance and prevention. Avoiding  tooth decay is key and there are many preventative measures you can take for a healthy, youthful smile. However, if unfortunately your child is at the stage where treatment is needed to rectify their tooth decay then there a number of treatments that are available.

Christmas is a time when oral health can be neglected as we indulge in sugary treats, particularly as a child. Start the new year right and follow our guide to preventing tooth decay in children: 


Brushing is vital to preventing tooth decay in children, but there is a technique to brushing which removes plaque but also keeps gums healthy. We recommend children should brush their teeth at least twice a day, making extra time at morning and night to get rid of the day’s build up of plaque and bacteria.

We can show you how you or your child should be brushing their teeth. Make the process of brushing fun so that the child enjoys this important task.

Take a look at our brushing guide animation here…

Regular check ups

The earlier your child is visiting the dentist the better as you want the trip to the dentist to be a familiar experience and prevent any future fears. We are a friendly team here at Fiveways Dental and will put your child at ease, making them feel safe and cared for.

Regular, simple check ups will make your child feel comfortable with the dentist and it also allows us dentists to spot any tooth decay or alignment problems that may occur in the future. The sooner the better is our motto!

Reduce sugary foods and drinks

The worst cause of tooth decay in children is the amount of sugary drinks and food that your child may be eating. Plaque thrives on sugar and if your child is eating a lot of this the inevitable outcome is tooth decay. If possible we recommend cutting out sugar all together and changing to healthy sweet treats.

Consider these 3 simple dental hygiene steps as your tooth decay treatment. Prevention is better than cure!


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