Teeth Whitening; For a Christmas Present that Makes you Smile!

Dental teeth whitening is very popular this time of year as so many people opt for teeth whitening for Christmas.

The party season is about to kick off any minute and in the same way that the beauty and hairdressing industries are noticing an increase in bookings as a result, so too are us dentists.

Everyone wants to look their best when they have a big occasion coming up.

Considering Teeth Whitening for Christmas?

Everything from certain types of food to smoking and even some medications can affect the brightness of your teeth.

If your pearly whites are looking less than white you are probably considering having them treated.

You may think that professional teeth whitening costs a lot but before you turn to less effective, even potentially less safe, at-home options it is well worth speaking to your dentist to find out what we have available here at Fiveways.

It probably costs less than you think.

Plenty of people also get teeth whitening for a Christmas present – so maybe a brighter, whiter smile could be added to your Christmas list!

Dental Teeth Whitening Options

We have a the option for you, if you’re planning to get teeth whitening for Christmas.

In the chair.

If you want your teeth whitening for Christmas you don’t have a whole lot of time left.

The best option is the fastest way to a whiter smile.

You come on into the surgery for treatment in the dental chair and see a distinct difference in the whiteness of your teeth in just one hour.

Opt for this if you would like to be party ready in just one session.

If you are considering dental teeth whitening as a gift for someone else this festive season then by all means contact us or call in for information and pricing.