Why The Cold Affects Your Teeth

Do you suffer with sensitive teeth in winter, or even all year round? As the temperature drops do you find yourself thinking ‘my teeth hurt’ more often than you did in the summer?

It’s a problem.

Sensitive teeth get worse in cold climates.

The problem of sensitive teeth can be caused by numerous factors.

If you’re suffering you need to come and see us – you friendly dentist in Liverpool – for a consultation so that we can determine what’s going on but one of the main causes of sensitivity is the erosion of enamel.

Why Enamel Erosion Leads to Sensitive Teeth in Winter

Enamel is a hard outer coating of teeth, which protects the sensitive dentine underneath.

If this coating gets worn away the dentine becomes exposed.

This can lead to pain or sensitivity, which will get worse when it comes into contact with extreme temperatures.

Ever said ‘I’d love an ice cream but they make my teeth hurt‘? How about wincing when taking a gulp of hot soup – trying to keep it away from your sensitive teeth.

As one of the longest established dentists in Liverpool we’ve seen and heard it all. These factors relating to extremes of temperature also explain why more people feel their sensitive teeth in winter.

When dentine is exposed it will react to the cold.

How Can I Protect My Sensitive Teeth in Winter?

There are two parts to this question – prevention and cure.

Of course we need to protect your already sensitive teeth in winter, in order to minimise pain but we also need to find out what caused the sensitivity in the first place and prevent it from worsening.

Naturally, at Fiveways Dental, we can do both of these things.

Begin by making an appointment to come in and see us. We’ll get to the bottom of the problem, suggest solutions and take measures to protect your teeth from pain and dental erosion.

Sitting at home thinking ‘my teeth hurt’ won’t make the problem go away. Fiveways Dental has been an established dentist in Liverpool for four decades.

Come and see us. Let us find your solution.