Have you been dreaming of that perfect smile for a while now? Are you tired of lacking confidence due to minor or major imperfections with your teeth? Here at Fiveways Dental Practice we have many solutions to this problem, and one of them is orthodontic treatment.

If you’ve been thinking about getting braces fitted for a while but are unsure or sceptical, we suggest you read on to gather as much information as you need before you book a consultation. We’re here to take you through the different orthodontic options and to explain who’s suitable for orthodontic treatment.

Who Is Suitable For Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontics work best for patients who have severe crookedness and an overbite or underbite. However, if you have one or two teeth which are causing you bother but are not sure whether braces are the best option for you, we can show you how some braces could be suitable for your condition.

The technology behind orthodontics has advanced over time, meaning there are new and faster orthodontic treatments available which are more discreet, comfortable, and can fix minor alignment problems.

The general condition of your teeth will also be considered when deciding if you are suitable for orthodontic treatments as having braces fitted requires extra care and oral hygiene.  

Fastbraces®fastbraces logo

If you had the choice to wear braces you would probably not, but what if braces could be faster acting, more comfortable, and easily affordable? We can imagine this would make having orthodontic treatment a lot easier.

Fastbraces do exactly this. As the name implies, Fastbraces straighten teeth in a shorter amount of time then traditional braces. In a matter of a year you could have a straight and healthy smile! Unlike traditional braces, Fastbraces do not require lots of visits to the dentist which means you can get on with your life without any disruptions. Fastbraces do everything that a traditional brace does in less time!

Invisible Braces invisalign

Long gone are the days of traditional, ‘train track’ braces which are uncomfortable, unsightly and slow. Braces are now more discreet than ever thanks to invisible and removable braces. This is great for those who suffer from low confidence due to misaligned teeth and don’t want this to be exacerbated by wearing a metal brace.

Depending on your particular case invisible braces can also shorten the length of treatment time. Invisalign is both invisible and removable and will give you a straight smile after treatment.

Incognito Braces

Orthodontistry is constantly finding more ways to create discreet braces and the latest technology comes from Incognito. If you have major alignment problems with your teeth and require a fitted brace but don’t like the idea of wearing a visible, traditional metal brace, then Incognito braces could be for you.

incognito braces

They’re fitted to the back of your teeth for ultimate invisibility and are made of a gold alloy for comfort. If you’re looking for a brace that’s completely discreet, achieves the best results, and is super comfortable, Incognito braces are the perfect option!

Orthodontics in Liverpool

Fiveways Dental can provide all of these orthodontic treatments in Liverpool at affordable prices. Our treatments can significantly improve the appearance of your smile as well as improve the health and hygiene of your teeth.
If you feel that you may be suitable for one of these orthodontic options, why not give us a call on 0151 837 0800 to arrange a consultation with our friendly and professional orthodontists who can advise you on the best treatment for you.