Worried and need a professional to help?

We recommend that all of our patients visit the surgery for a mouth cancer screening once a year.


Mouth cancer is on the increase but statistics prove that early detection can dramatically improve chances of a full recovery, so whether or not you believe you have any mouth or jaw cancer symptoms, it’s worth the time it takes to have this quick, painless screening carried out as a preventative measure.

What does an oral cancer screening involve?

An oral cancer screening, or mouth cancer screening, is a short procedure that involves a thorough examination of your entire mouth to check for potential signs of mouth, jaw or throat cancer.

During the mouth cancer screening your dentist will use a screening device to check any lumps, bumps or lesions that you might have in your mouth, which can be indicative of risk factors.

The screening is easy and painless.

Who needs a mouth cancer screening?

We recommend that all of our patients be screened for mouth and jaw cancer, as a preventative measure.

However, smoking has been linked to many forms of cancer so if you are a smoker it is imperative that you schedule oral cancer screenings as a matter of course, because your risk is likely to be higher.

Whether you are a smoker or not, if you have any sores or long term ulcers in your mouth, it is very important that you have these checked regularly.

Late detection of mouth cancer can be very dangerous.

Do you have mouth or jaw cancer symptoms?

If you have any of the following symptoms you would be well advised to book a mouth cancer screening as a matter of urgency.

Though all of these symptoms can be perfectly benign, they can be symptoms of mouth cancer so precautions should be taken to rule it out.

If you find yourself with any of these symptoms don’t worry.
Many of them are common and can be easily explained in a number of ways but it is certainly worth booking a dentist appointment that includes a mouth cancer screening, in order to find out what’s happening.