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Could braces be the perfect Christmas gift for someone you love?

Dental work might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you consider what to buy your loved ones for Christmas but, for the right person, invisible braces could be a very welcome gift.

Of course we’re not advocating here that you suggest to anyone that they need any kind of dental work. That is a very personal decision to make and should only ever be made, certainly for adults, between a person and their dentist. That said, plenty of people would love straighter teeth and just haven’t yet got around to doing anything about it. Let’s face it, elective dental work is something that, no matter how much we want it, can get lost down the list of priorities. Whether that’s because of time, cost or anything else, we know there are people out there who have wanted to get braces for years. We meet them all the time!

If you know that someone you care about would really love to straighten their smile, then gifting them with braces could be a life changing thing to do this festive season. After all, straighter teeth are for life, not just for Christmas (we had to)! Gifting someone with invisible braces could be an even better gift. Not only will the result be straightened teeth but the process will be almost undetectable to anyone, meaning that nobody in their work or personal life need know that the transformation is taking place!

What are invisible braces?

Invisible braces are exactly what the name suggests. They are braces for your teeth that straighten the smile but, unlike traditional ‘train track’ braces they are transparent, meaning that you’d have to scrutinise a person pretty closely, and probably know they were there, to spot them. The brand behind invisible braces technology is called Invisalign.

Invisible braces don’t clip onto the teeth in the traditional way. Instead we use 3D technology to create a series of transparent, custom made aligners. You then wear each one of these aligners in sequence for two weeks at a time and watch as, little by little, your teeth become aligned.

In the past, very few adults elected to have braces unless they really, really needed to because of the aesthetic of the braces themselves. These days, thanks to the technology behind invisible braces, and other subtle options such as incognito braces, professionals can have their teeth straightened without having to feel self conscious about letting others in on the process. That’s because they don’t need to let anyone in on the process at all!

How to buy invisible braces as a gift

Well, it should go without saying that you can’t buy someone any kind of braces as a surprise! Before we know for certain that Invisalign is right for them we’ll need to have a consultation with them. If it is an option then it is a medical procedure so we’ll then talk them through the ins and outs of the treatment. Of course, if you know someone who has reached this point with us and is just making the decision about whether to take out finance with us or not, telling them that you have decided to fund their treatment will probably be very welcomed.

However you go about it, we hope that you are able to bring a happy, unselfconscious smile to somebody’s face this Christmas, with the gift of invisible braces.