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Braces for adults; The invisible braces cost

There are a number of options when it comes to orthodontics.

In the past, many adults shied away from straightening their teeth because they didn’t like the idea of wearing visible metal braces for an extended period of time.

Now however, there is simply no need for anybody to know that you are wearing braces at all.

We have a number of discrete options available, including incognito braces and invisible braces.

Costs vary, depending on your requirements and as with any medical procedure a full consultation is required, so that you can decide on your best course of action with the help of your dentist.

However, invisible braces cost less than you might think and certainly offer fantastic value.

Incognito braces

Sitting hidden behind the teeth, incognito is a brand of completely invisible braces.

Costs vary but patients are often pleasantly surprised.

Though incognito braces use the traditional bracket and track method to straighten teeth, they sit at the back of each tooth.

While you can feel them with your tongue, nobody else can see them.

Nobody need to know that you are using braces and will simply see your smile straighten miraculously over time!

Invisible braces

Invisible orthodontics give you the option of a metal free, completely transparent and sometimes removable appliance in place of traditional braces.

Under the brand Invisalign an almost undetectable mold is created, unique to your teeth, that can then be worn with confidence and often have the desired effect in a much shorter period of time than more traditional options.

Again, invisible braces cost different amounts depending on your needs but budget is one of the considerations that you can discuss with your dentist as part of your initial consultation.

Hopefully your search for an ‘orthodontist near me’ can end here.

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