Veneers are almost like a false finger nail for your tooth! These relatively thin layers of porcelain sit on top of existing teeth to improve their cosmetic appearance. They are the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment in Liverpool for good reason!

If you are considering veneers in Liverpool then the chances are that you are not happy with the way your teeth look at the moment. That being the case, veneers can be a really effective way to improve your smile and your confidence without invasive treatment.


Veneers at Liverpool’s Fiveways Dental

We treat lots of patients with veneers in Liverpool, for a variety of reasons.

Do you have one chipped or discoloured tooth?

Are your teeth misaligned?

Are you self-conscious about the shape of your teeth?

Do you have a tooth gap that concerns you?

Are many of your teeth discoloured due to smoking or other influences?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you could benefit from enquiring about veneers in our Liverpool clinic.


Veneers in Liverpool for discoloured teeth

When teeth have become so discoloured, often due to smoking or illness, that they cannot be restored by a teeth cleaning or whitening treatment then it could be time to discuss porcelain veneers. In Liverpool this is a commonplace treatment. It requires us to gently file the front of your tooth, in order to adhere the veneer or veneers in place but the treatment isn’t invasive or painful and is incredibly effective.

Of course, if your teeth have become discoloured due to smoking your dentist will always advise that you try to kick the habit, because it has more impact on your oral health then simply discolouring your teeth. Also, of course, if you continue to smoke then your veneers will become discoloured over time too. However, if you have recently given up smoking then new, white porcelain veneers could be a great way to commemorate the achievement!


Straightening teeth with veneers in Liverpool

While veneers leave your teeth in place, they create the visual effect of straighter teeth. If your dentist advises you that your teeth are healthy but you would still like to improve them cosmetically, they can be the best option. So, if you think you could be a good candidate, ask us about porcelain veneers in our Liverpool clinic and we will be happy to advise.