Liverpool dental implants from Fiveways

Loose or badly fitting dentures can significantly affect your confidence and quality of life. If you feel less than confident about you smile, or nervous to bite into your favourite foods due to denture problems then denture stabilisation, with the use of full dental implants, could be the solution you’ve been dreaming of.

What are implants for dentures?

Dental implants are small metal screws that are surgically placed into the jaw. They can be used to replace just one missing tooth with an implanted tooth.

On the other hand we can also use implants for dentures.

Full denture implants see multiple screws implanted into the jaw, that the denture is then affixed to. Once they are in place they simply will not move around, so you can feel confident in your smile again.

Living with full dental implants

The process of denture stabilisation using full denture implants begins with a small surgical procedure to install the implants.

They then need a small amount of time to settle and integrate with the bone and surrounding tissue. Once this has taken place your dentures can be placed on top of the implants using special fixtures.

Having implants for your dentures means that you no longer need to take them out each night.

You can still remove your dentures for cleaning but while they’re in your mouth they will feel much more comfortable and secure than they did before.

Denture implant problems

Every surgical procedure comes with some risk and naturally denture implant problems aren’t completely unheard of but the risk is minimal to most patients and will be fully discussed between you and your dentist before the full denture implant procedure is entered into.

Advances in technology mean that implants for dentures are giving many denture wearers their confidence back.
If you are uncomfortable or under confident about your dentures please come and see us to discuss your options.