Fiveways Dental – The only dentist you need

If you didn’t know already we are Fiveways Dental, a professional dental practice in Childwall. We are the the one and only choice when it comes to expert dentistry in Liverpool as we offer a wide range of dental procedures; some that other dentists wouldn’t go near.

At Fiveways Dental we offer the best prices for dentistry in Liverpool, the prices we charge you are set at the best rate for each individual procedure. This goes towards the best equipment, materials and results for your dental care. Not only do we charge prices that will keep you smiling but we have Denplan. Denplan is a dental payment plan we have in place within the practice, meaning you don’t have to worry about any upfront cost.

At Fiveways we are flexible, the money you have saved up over the month can cover your cost allowing you to not break the bank with one initial payment.

Did you know that we are one of the leading dental implant specialists in Liverpool? Dental implants are one of the main treatments we focus on at Fiveways but we do things a little different here.

Our aim is to have you in and out within the one day and this is all part of our same day smile process. We use specialist machinery (CEREC) that can have your implant sorted in no time. There is no need in several appointments for the one treatment and you can walk out with a same day smile.


What’s included within our expert dentistry in Liverpool

Like we have already stated, we offer a wide range of treatments within our practice and these treatments fall under four different categories.

Under each category there are many treatments available but one treatment that we do offer within our practice is dentistry for pregnant women. This form of treatment is one that you will find a lot of other dentists won’t go near but that’s not the case at Fiveways Dental, we are here and happy to help, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you still don’t have teeth that need looking after.

This is why our dental practice is the number one choice for expert dentistry in Liverpool.


Dentistry the right way, the Fiveways way

Whether you are looking for dental implant specialists in Liverpool or the best prices for dentistry in Liverpool, Fiveways is the perfect choice and the perfect solution. We have so much to offer and the best way we can do that is by you visiting the dentist or getting in touch to make your first appointment.
We are the dental practice for expert dentistry in Liverpool and getting in touch with us is easy, either fill out the form online or give us a call on 0151 837 0800, our friendly, professional receptionists are waiting to take your calls.