A good night’s sleep is something we all aim to achieve each and every night, but for a lot of us this is easier said than done. Many of us suffer sleepless nights which can have a significant impact on our health and social life. Snoring is the culprit for many sleepless nights, whether that’s your own snoring condition disturbing you throughout the night, or your partner’s snoring keeping you awake. Around 15 million people in the UK suffer from snoring so it’s a common problem which needs to be addressed with effective treatment.

Although snoring may not be a serious condition, lack of sleep can be detrimental to our health and wellbeing. There are treatments out there to help snoring and give you back a quality night’s sleep. Read our guide to the snoring treatments in Liverpool offered by us here at Fiveways Dental Practice.


The Causes of Snoring

The sound of snoring which causes despair in so many people is caused by vibrations in the mouth, nose and throat caused by blockages and narrowing airways. Our airways relax during the night which reduces ease of breathing and for some this can lead to snoring, particularly if there is already an obstruction present.

Snoring can also often be a symptom of sleep apnoea (a sleep condition which stops breathing temporarily), or a side effect of smoking, drinking alcohol, being overweight, or sleeping on your back.

It’s important to figure out what is causing your particular case to find the appropriate treatment, but as snoring is an oral condition, visiting your dentist could be the solution.


Treatments for Snoring   

There are many over the counter remedies for snoring which are often not reliable or effective. Even surgery is not always effective and snoring can return later on in the future. You need treatment which is tailored towards the causes of your condition. Dentists can be really helpful in treating snoring, they’re aware of all the health issues and treatments surrounding this condition so next time you visit your dentist for a checkup ensure you address this issue that has been keeping you and others from having a good night’s sleep.


Dental Snoring Treatments in Liverpool

The key to stopping snoring is by opening up the airways so breathing becomes easier. The positioning of your jaw can help to open up your airway and the way we do this is by providing mouth guards to our patients. There are a number of mouth guards and oral devices available to suit you, used to bring the lower jaw forward during sleep and prevent it from dropping back. This will help to prevent your airways closing and stop you from snoring.

The mouthpiece that we provide is tailor made to the structure of your jaw and mouth to provide comfort and relieve your particular symptoms. The dental experts here at Fiveways Dental will take impressions of your teeth to create a mouthpiece that fits comfortably.

Snoring can hinder your life in many ways so don’t hesitate to speak to your dentist and try our effective treatment. We can discuss your condition and treatment method at your consultation, simply call 0151 837 0800 to book yours today.