Innovative treatments from a trusted dental practice in Liverpool

Not currently registered with a dental practice Liverpool? Considering dental implants?

At Fiveways, we install lots of dental implants for Liverpool patients, replacing missing teeth with a long-lasting, incredibly natural feeling and comfortable solution.

We are one of the longest established Liverpool dental practices, having been relied upon by generations of local people for over four decades, so even if you have never set foot through our door before you know you can trust us, like the hundreds of people who have done so before you.

Who gets dental implants in Liverpool?

Dental implants are an innovative treatment. If you have one or more missing teeth then implants, along with a crown and/or a bridge, could be used to replace them in a way that is almost undetectable, very comfortable to wear and allows you to chew your food in an easy, natural way.

The team here at our dental practice in Liverpool spend a considerable amount of time every year on training and professional development, so we have a number of team members who are extremely experienced in administering dental implants.

Implants are small metal screws inserted directly into the jaw, to which crowns can be directly fitted. This means that your crown is anchored into your mouth in the same way that a natural tooth would be, giving it a firm foundation.

We were one of the first Liverpool dental practices to begin offering this treatment and have lots of case studies we can show you.

How to choose your dental practice in Liverpool

If you’re looking for a new dental practice in Liverpool, particularly if you are looking for a practice able to provide an innovative treatment like dental implants, there are a number of practical things you should consider.

Firstly and most importantly, does the practice have a track record you can trust?

At our Liverpool dental practice we are happy to show you lots of images of past treatments, so that you can see the results of our work before you make any big decisions. We also believe that our longevity speaks for itself.

No dentist remains in business for over 40 years without lots of happy patients!

Secondly, what training and experience does your dentist have? We display details about our team on our website.

We also invest a lot in training and development and you will find some of the most up-to-the-minute equipment here at our dental practice in Liverpool. We are happy to discuss all of this with any prospective patient prior to their treatment.

It is also important to consider how the Liverpool dental practice you choose is able to support you in affording your chosen treatment.

We have a number of finance options available that we will discuss with you at your initial consultation and we do everything we can to ensure that as many people as possible are able to afford the dental treatment they need.