Dental treatment during pregnancy

Are you considering prenatal teeth whitening?

Did you know that pregnant women in the UK are entitled to free NHS dental treatment? NHS treatment generally covers any work that you need to have done for health reasons, rather than simply cosmetic ones.

Some treatments such as teeth whitening or veneers, popular in Liverpool, may not automatically have their costs covered – though in some cases they may do. Certainly we regularly carry out fillings, crowns and other services such as dental implants in Liverpool, for pregnant women and new mothers, at no cost.


Could treatments such as teeth whitening and veneers in Liverpool be free?

Many dental treatments are beneficial for two reasons; firstly, they brighten, straighten and improve your smile from an aesthetic perspective. This can make patients feel more comfortable and confident about their teeth. Most treatments also come with at least some form of health benefit.

Sometimes – in the case of fillings – you have the treatment for health reasons and the aesthetic benefit is secondary. Other times – in the case of, for example, braces – you will notice a big aesthetic difference but your new, straighter teeth will also be easier to keep clean, as well as more comfortable, so there are definite health benefits. Any treatment that is available on the NHS is free to pregnant women and new mothers, for the first 12 months of their baby’s life.

Something like dental implants, our Liverpool dentists fit many of and see great results. The treatment has huge health and aesthetic benefits and is available on the NHS, so pregnancy could be a great time to seek this treatment, even though you may decide to wait until after the birth of your baby to have it carried out (more on this below).

On the other hand, though we fit a lot of veneers in Liverpool, this is often an elective treatment that people receive for almost purely aesthetic purposes. There could certainly be cases whereby veneers are covered on the NHS, therefore making them free for pregnant women and new mothers, but they are less likely to be so. There is also definitely a strong case for waiting until your baby is born to have any form of elective treatment.


Can I get dental implants in Liverpool while pregnant?

The short answer to this question is that yes, in some cases we will perform dental implants in Liverpool on pregnant women. This is a very safe treatment and can often be performed once you are through your first trimester.

However, it is almost always a good idea to wait until after your baby is born to have any elective medical treatment, simply because things like X-rays, anaesthetic and other required procedures will have an effect on your body. Your free NHS dental treatment period extends until your baby is 12 months old, so pregnancy is a great time to visit the dentist and determine what you need but your dentist may well advise you to wait a little while before completing the treatment.

If you are pregnant – even if your teeth are in great condition – we urge you to take advantage of the subsidy and visit the dentist. It’s a Government freebie for goodness sake! From there we can discuss the best course of action with you and we will be happy to address any queries you may have.