When checking off the list of things you need to know and need to do while pregnant, dental care during pregnancy isn’t high on the list of considerations for most people.

The importance of good dental care during pregnancy

While you’re pregnant there are all kinds of hormonal changes going on in your body. Some of those changes can affect what goes on in your mouth, including how your body responds to plaque.

Believe it or not, pregnancy can put you at a higher risk of some detrimental mouth conditions, so it is really important that you maintain regular check ups thought your term.

This said, it’s not usually a good idea to undergo more treatments than you need to while pregnant.

Some elective dental treatments are better left until after the baby is born and there are certain times during pregnancy when it is safer to be treated than others.

For this reason it’s important to find a dentist experienced in pregnancy dentistry. In Liverpool, that’s us.

We’ve been a dentist for pregnant women, for children and, in fact, for the whole family for over 40 years.