A composite filling is simply another way to describe a white filling for your teeth. In the past, dentists used metal to fill your teeth when you had a cavity. Today, composite fillings are generally considered to be the best option for a number of reasons, both cosmetic and health related.

Why replace metal with composite fillings?

There have been health concerns raised around the materials used in metal fillings. For those concerned, who wish to have their old metal fillings replaced, composite fillings are the way to go. They contain a mixture of glass and plastic, designed to withstand the pressures that your teeth need to be able to stand over many years.

White fillings also look great. If you decide to invest in teeth whitening, your Liverpool dentist may also discuss composite fillings with you at that time. Certainly people opting for veneers in our Liverpool surgery will usually be invited to consider replacing their old fillings as well, should this be appropriate. If you are planning to spend money on cosmetic dental procedures that will straighten and whiten your teeth, it makes sense to think about the option of removing the metal appearance from your fillings, especially since composite fillings are now so easily accessible.

Installing composite fillings with veneers in Liverpool

Composite fillings go hand in hand with veneers, as well as with really any other treatment that you might consider for teeth whitening. Our Liverpool clinic very often performs both treatments on the same patient.

While veneers are not merely fitted as a teeth whitening measure, the desire for whiter teeth is very often one of the drivers for seeking the treatment. If the patient has one or a number of metal fillings, they will see an even bigger improvement in their smile if they opt to have those replaced with white fillings at the same time as they have their veneers installed.

Composite fillings could, in some regards, be seen as one of the most long-term methods of teeth whitening in Liverpool! If you are investing in other methods to whiten and brighten your smile, it is a good time to investigate all complimentary options and really give yourself a smile makeover.