If you’ve suffered from tooth decay (which most of us have in our lives!) you might find that you need to get a filling to fill the gap it leaves. Rather than settling for metal fillings that stand out in your mouth, you could choose a composite filling instead, helping you to maintain a more natural smile. We offer composite fillings in Liverpool here at Fiveways Dental Practice, perfect for anyone looking to get a filling that will blend right in to their teeth!


What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings are tooth-coloured fillings made from a plastic and glass mixture that can restore decayed teeth to their previous appearance. They can also be used for cosmetic improvements of your smile by helping to change the colour of your teeth or reshaping any teeth that may have chipped or been disfigured over time. You may also opt for composite fillings to replace old metal fillings and help make your smile appear more natural.

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Composite fillings can be a welcome addition to your smile when used to replace any metal fillings or gaps left from tooth decay that you’ve suffered. Although they can often cost up to twice as much as metal fillings, most dental insurance plans cover the cost up to the price of a silver filling so you will only be expected to cover the remaining balance. If you are one of our Denplan customers you should check your agreement with your dentist to see whether your filling will be partly or wholly covered.

Our composite fillings are made from strong materials that can withstand strong forces in your mouth including the chewing of food etc. However, the colour of the composite may be affected by staining from coffee and other coloured food and drink – you should speak to your dentist to see if there is a treatment you can add to protect your filling from discolouration.


Come to Fiveways Dental for composite fillings in Liverpool!

Here at Fiveways we frequently recommend white fillings as they serve multiple purposes – they’re both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We’re always happy to discuss the pros and cons of choosing composite fillings, so if you have any questions to ask get in touch with us by calling 0151 837 0800.