Children’s dentistry in Liverpool

You only get one chance: look after your children’s teeth

When it comes to children’s dentistry in Liverpool, we like to think that we really do lead the pack in terms of promoting the importance of good oral health for your kids.

We don’t pull any punches when it comes to this and will be as straight as we possibly can – your children get one set of teeth once their baby teeth have fallen out – it’s imperative that you look after them, and in turn, teach your children to look after them independently.

We have plenty of Liverpool dental appointments for children, and we see all different types of teeth, from the spotless to those that need looking after that little bit more.

We are an expert dental practice so we never judge and we understand that sometimes parents just aren’t as clued up on oral hygiene as they should be in order to ensure that their children have good teeth, which is why we have taken to this blog to try and turn this around.


Why is it important to look after children’s teeth?

When it comes to looking after children’s teeth, the only people who can really enforce the rules is the parents. That means you. As an expert dental practice we will do whatever we can to help you teach your children all of the techniques needed in order to ensure they move forward in life with great oral hygiene; children’s dentistry in Liverpool is a main treatment we focus on.

However, how can we tell you what to do, if you don’t know why you need to do it?

Well, it is important to look after your children’s teeth for one of many reasons:


  • Prevent disease
    If you enforce a good cleaning regime with your kids, you will ensure that you are cutting down the possibility of them ever getting disease in their gums.
  • Prevent infection
    Preventing infection in the mouth is so important, as no parent wants to see their child in pain. By keeping the mouth clean, you are completely minimising this possibility.
  • Feel good
    Your child’s mouth will feel clean and fresh – a dirty mouth isn’t pleasant!
  • Teach responsibility
    By introducing a good cleaning regime for your child’s teeth, you are teaching them to be responsible when it comes to looking after themselves – a skill that is not just useful in childhood, but also allows them to become well-rounded and well-kept adults.
  • Good teeth look good
    A good set of white, clean teeth look good and in turn, will allow your child to feel confident. This is only possible if you keep up with your Liverpool dental appointments for children.
  • Helps table manners
    If your child has bad teeth and is eating, they may start to pick at their teeth throughout their meal. This means that no matter how hard you try to teach good table manners, you will always be hindered by the fact that your child feels the need to play with their teeth due to discomfort.


What is a good cleaning regime for my child’s teeth?

Setting a good cleaning regime and making sure that your child knows exactly what to do is the most effective way of making sure that they have good oral hygiene and strong teeth.

There are many reasons why you should choose us, and the fact that we take an active interest in your child’s regime to cleaning teeth at home is one of them.

As soon as your child starts to get teeth, you can brush them and introduce a cleaning regime, which gets them used to brushing their teeth and having it as a part of their daily routine from a very early age, you may not think it but of course this is part of you children’s dentistry in Liverpool!

That’s right, even a 6 month old with peggies should have them brushed!

A good regime for kids to follow is:

  • Brush teeth first thing in the morning with a fun toothbrush that they enjoy to use; this eradicates the idea that this is a chore! Tie up the day with another brushing session.
  • Use a small toothbrush with soft bristles so the child doesn’t experience pain when brushing sensitive gums.
  • Make sure that your toothpaste has fluoride. Children over six can progress onto using adult toothpaste.
  • Buy a timer that ensures your child brushes their teeth for the right amount of time. 3 minutes should be how long a good brush takes.
  • Teach your child to brush all areas of their mouth, including tongue and back teeth.

Children’s dentistry in Liverpool is straightforward and tantrum free when you book a consultation with one of our dentists. Head on over to our website and get in touch!