Cosmetic dental care in one day

The CEREC crown is a revolution in dentistry.

Having been in development since the 1980s these same day crowns have only recently become widely available at an affordable price point.

If you find yourself needing a crown you’re going to be very glad they are.

What is a CEREC crown?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction.

It is a form of computer assisted design and computer assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM for short).

It is a method that your dentist can use to create crowns, made of incredibly strong, tooth coloured ceramic materials very quickly.

For you, the patient, it means that you can have a crown designed, created and fitted all in one session in the dentist’s chair.

Why are CEREC crowns useful?

It used to be that getting a crown created and fitted was a lengthy process.

You would come for an appointment, have moulds taken and perhaps a temporary solution fitted, your crown would be created in a lab and then you would return to have your permanent crown fitted at a later date.

That meant multiple dental appointments.

That can mean multiple trips out of work.

Temporary solutions are never as hard wearing or perfect as crowns themselves, so it also meant the potential of time spent with a less than perfect smile.

The advent of same day crowns changed all that.

CEREC crowns are ingeniously produced in record time.

As a result of CEREC crowns we can now send you off with your teeth restored to full strength, aesthetic and function in just one visit.

CEREC crowns cost a little more than their traditional counterparts but for their benefits, as well as what you could save in time away from your work, they can be worth it for many people.

Fitting CEREC crowns

As if the speed of CEREC crowns wasn’t enough of a selling point, they also have other advantages.

All crowns, as well as veneers and onlays, fabricated by CEREC are chemically bonded to your teeth.

This allows us, as your dentist, to save more of your healthy tooth tissue than we were able to when working with traditional crowns, while also providing your with a more secure, stronger finish.
For CEREC crown costs or for more information on the treatment please contact us at the clinic or make an appointment to come and see us.