BTI Endoret

Leader in Regenerative Medicine

Leader in Regenarative Medicine

BTI Biotechnology Institute is a Spanish biomedicine company focused on the development of translational research projects (R&D+i).

BTI is a world-level scientific leader in regenerative medicine using Endoret in different fields of medicine.

PRGF®-Endoret® technology has been conceived thanks to a series of precise and very rigorous protocols during each stage: extraction, centrifugation, fractioning, activation and application. This protocol guarantees the quality of the end product obtained, in optimum conditions. All the elements used by its specialists have been specifically designed by the R&D+i department of Biotechnology Institute (BTI ).

Why does your dentist use PRGF-Endoret?

Because its application is very beneficial for you. The use of PRGF®-Endoret® in dental medicine favours quicker and more predictable healing, reducing not only the pain but also the risk of infection.

Benefits of using PRGF Endoret:

  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Absence of pain

BTI Endoret LiverpoolThere are multiple versatile solutions offered by PRGF®-Endoret® technology.As there are different formats (liquid, gel or fibrin membrane), plasma rich in growth factors helps us solving different and complex clinical situations.

As an example, it will be used in its liquid format to wet dental implant surfaces to reduce the oseointegration time and, in gel format to recover bone after a tooth extraction or in a bone defect. It will be also possible to carry out grafts with the bone of the patient himself in order to regenerate its lack avoiding more complex surgeries.