Are you looking for same day dental treatment? 

Results in a day

Going the dentist can be bad enough for some people and getting told you need further work done can be even worse. Having to schedule your time, booking mornings or afternoons off work to be able to make appointments for your treatment to be completed, but what if we told you about same day dental treatment?

Of course you would still need an initial check up for us to see the problem but once that is the case we can book you in for one appointment and one appointment only as we can provide you with one day dental care. No need to worry about several appointments for the one treatment, we can have you in and out in the same day with our services for veneer or crown treatment in Liverpool.

You might be wondering how is it possible to complete a treatment for veneers or crowns in one day because usually you have to wait a week but with our specialists piece of machinery CEREC it’s possible.


What to expect with same day dental treatment

Whether it’s a new veneer or crown treatment in Liverpool we have got you covered, you’ll be in and out within the same day with your newly treated teeth, you will have instant results, none of that waiting around for a week with a temporary cover.

Something you’re really going to love about our one day dental care is the fact that there are no need for any impressions, so you know that gloopy solution you hate molding your teeth into? Forget about it!

With CEREC everything is done digitally, your damaged tooth which is in need of a veneer or crown treatment will simply be scanned and CEREC will begin creating your new crown or veneer. See, with this fantastic machine there is no need to wait around, do impressions, send off molds and wait a lengthy time for them to be sent back and fitted.

At Fiveways we are all about giving you the best when it comes to your dental care and that is why we offer this same day dental treatment. You will be treated there and then with your new veneer or crown being fitted, you really will be in and out in no time, all part of the quick and efficient service we offer at Fiveways Dental.


Isn’t it about time you chose one day dental care by Fiveways?

What are you going to do next time you need a veneer or crown treatment in Liverpool, are you going to choose a dentist who will make you do impressions and wait a week for your treatment or are you going to choose Fiveways who can give you same day dental treatment and provide you with instant results?
We will leave that one with you but we know what it will be so here you go… 0151 837 0800.